Okay. Fire Force season 2 has 24 episodes in total which means we are 2 episodes away from the finale.

At this point, it feels like this season is repeating the format of the last season.

Multiple encounters with the White-clad, Fire Companies go the nether, fight with White-clad, come back to the surface, Shinra fight with Leonard Burns.

That’s what the intro suggests.

Shinra and Burns face off in the intro

In any case, this week's episode was very enjoyable.

Not just engaging, but enjoyable as well.

A lot of different things happened including Maki’s return and Detective Oze finally accepted Maki for her ability.

After all the bickering he endured from Detective Oze over the last 2 episodes, Leitenant Hinawa got the last laugh when Maki proved herself.

Detective Oze would lose his argument that the 8th only uses Maki as a meat shield and not because of her ability.

Captain Obi reassures Hinawa

It was kind of sad to know that Maki’s mother is just Maki who lost her fight to stay a professional.

But it's happy to know the Oze parents settled into their lives and they are still a very happy couple.

Best couple? I don't know. I like the Oze family.

General Oze asking his wife whether she was sad when she was forced to quit her military career exposed an understanding side to his character as opposed to how he was portrayed before, doting or commanding.

I always wondered why Mrs. Oze was given a strong and flaring character and affiliated with the military but only given the title “General’s wife” in her introduction.

Surely she was a capable figure.

Now we know for sure.

Here’s to hoping we will see her in action!

And it was so sweet how she acknowledged his understanding; even though they can’t turn back time, agreeing to go forward protecting Maki.

Yes, they are the best couple. Now I know.

General Oze and wife; Best couple

Detective Oze and Lieutanat Hinawa’s quarrel continued to the end of the episode.

Even after Maki went back to the Fire Force.

It's hilarious how salty Hinawa is with Detective Oze.

He is very direct with all the other characters.

I thought Detective Oze would certainly be put in his place when the fire soldiers ganged up on him.

Especially the way Captain Obi shadowed him from behind.

Detective Oze was annoying for most of his screentime.

Detective Oze triggers Captain Obi

And in the middle of all that Arthur attained nirvana. LOL.

That's what he calls it anyway.

Shinra was quick to cut him off as usual.

“Nirvana… I am delivered. You can no longer read my mind. My sword has attained the realm of the bodhisattvas.” — Arthur to himself.

“No. You’re just not thinking anything. That has nothing at all to do with being a knight.” — Shinra as commentary.

It’s amazing how empty Arthur’s brain can be to the point opponents’ mind-reading abilities don’t work.

Simple, Stupid, Effective indeed.

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Arthur’s mind is empty

Giovanni’s revelation about Adolla links cast a shadow on the white character of Lieutenant Konro.

The preview suggested we can see more into his shady story.

We know he doesn’t do experiments like Giovanni which begs the question.

Does he have an Adolla Burst?

Did he come into contact with an Adolla burst when fighting the monster in Asakusa?

Is he hiding something?

We’ll have to wait until next week.

I’m excited to see we are visiting Asakusa again, my favorite locale in Fire Force.

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That’s all I have for this episode.

Thank you for reading this far.

I hope to see you in the next review as well.

Until then, stay safe.


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