Fire Force: Asakusa

Shinmon Benimaru, Captain of Special Fire Force Company 7, Leader of Asakusa

Asakusa is by far my favorite locality in Fire Force.

Under the jurisdiction of Special Fire Force Company 7, it is a serene and pristine place with loud and friendly people.

It can be considered a village compared to the big cities I have seen so far in Fire Force.

Making the community more likeable is there leader, Shinmon Benimaru, captain of Special Fire Force Company 7, who loves his people and does a perfect job of hiding it.

Dealing with Infernals

Asakusa’s way of putting Infernals to rest is an enjoyable view.

It is a refreshing change from the sad, prayer focused process of the other areas, right down to the cheers, chants and the music.

Take a look below.

How people of Asakusa put Infernals to rest

The Spirit of the People

The community of Asakusa is like no other.

While other cities are more concerned about running smooth operations, people of Asakusa just run their daily businesses and have a good time.

They have traditionally been outcasts and reluctant collaborators with the main empire.

Their rebellious attitude has contributed to the high spirits and camaraderie leading to a community of self reliant individuals.

The people centric attitude of the Asakusa people was on full display when Benimaru took out Kantoro, the newly turned Infernal in the video above.

The destruction and carnage of the encounter is secondary to sending their friend off in high spirits.

Close to home

While Asakusa can’t exactly be called normal, they do seem the closest to a real life community as any in Fire Force.

Fire Force has a lot of exposition and theories attached to it. While it makes the anime fun, it also makes it feel far away from the real world.

Asakusa in comparison offers a much more normal community in a natural looking locale.

All these reasons make Asakusa a likeable place in my mind and it certainly is my favorite place to retire had I lived in the Fire Force world.

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